For ROCHE employees

Exclusively for Roche employees: preventive medical check-ups

You can obtain the offered range of services as services via your future amount.

With the ROCHE Check-ups, we offer you three levels of check-ups in our health centers and, as a prevention series, directly flexible NearSite at your location.

Our medical teams offer you comprehensive preventive services based on the latest in preventive medicine with comprehensive advice on three levels.

Your advantages are:

  • Comprehensive health examination in one day, covering all areas of the human being
  • Best medical care & advice from Germany’s leading preventive medicine specialists
  • Concrete recommendations for action to improve your health
  • Detailed written health report Local flexibility: nationwide 14 times in Germany (level 2 and 3) and at the near-site location (level 1)
  • The health centers are certified and awarded by the DGSP (German Society for Sports and Preventive Medicine) and Stiftung Warentest test winner

The three check-up levels:

A basis, a medium and a comprehensive check-up with the same quality but varying diagnostic depth are offered. The comprehensive level 3 and medium level 2 check-ups take place at one of our health centers. The Basic Check-up Level 1 takes place near-site at your location.

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